Beijing First Global World City Conference

Beijing First Global World City Conference has been held at Beijing Conference Center from September 18 to 19, 2010.  This conference was a comprehensive academic conference participated by academic elites, business leaders, and senior officials.

The topic of this conference is “innovation-driven development promotes World City construction”.  This conference discussed and communicated regarding the three features – humanistic, high-tech and green – of Beijing’s World City construction and from three perspectives of intellectual capital, creative industry and innovation model.

Dr. Still attended the conference in Beijing and made a presentation about Innovation Ecosystems Network. She showed the innovation ecosystems approach and the positive impacts of innovation. The presentation addresses developing and diffusing novel data and tools for understanding the catalytic impact of innovation activities. The possibilities of data-driven visualizations that use social networking analysis are shown in the contexts of Silicon Valley and Finland. It is emphasized that the results are more illustrative than descriptive or prescriptive, however, still providing novel insights into innovation.

(An excerpt from Beijing First Global World City Conference website.)

Left: Gordon McConnachie, the Scottish Intellectual Assets Centre

Center: Kaisa Still, Innovation Ecosystems Network

Alan Lung, Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre.

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