Innovation Ecosystems Summit at Stanford University

“In periods of turmoil, industry transformation is a given. There are two kinds of companies, ones that play chess and ones that play checkers. The chess players shape their destiny while the checkers players have it inflicted upon them. . . You have to consider the total ecosystem, its funding base and its diverse global customer base.
- John Roese, Senior Vice President and GM North American R&D at Huawei

Innovation Ecosystems Network and Media X at Stanford University invite you celebrate a new era of insights, alliances and advocacy for innovation ecosystems.

Business growth is catalyzed, accelerated and sustained through relationships. In every location and around the world, relationships of people, organizations and resources are the ecosystem for innovation. The innovation ecosystem is context for political, technological, economic, and environmental changes.

Speakers and Panels:

  • Technopolis Supernovas: Clusters of Clusters

Willem Jonker, CEO, EIT ICT Labs

  • The Global Enterprise as an Innovation Ecosystem

John Roese, Senior Vice President and GM North American R&D at Huawei

  • Ubiquitous Innovation

Yan Xu, Dean, Business School, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • Visualizing Interfirm Relations in the Converging Mobile Ecosystem

Rahul C. Basole,  Research Scientist and Director of Technology Strategy, Tennenbaum Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Anticipating Bursts in Networked Systems

Mathieu Bastian, LinkedIn Labs, Gephi

  • Investors Panel: GreenTech Innovation Ecosystem

Martha G. Russell, Senior Researcher, HSTAR Institute, Associate Director, Media X at Stanford University
Investors from: Accel Partners, Intel Capital, Catalyst Growth Partners, ARPAe

  • Infrastructures for Global Cities
  • Norman Jacknis, Internet Business Solutions Group Public Sector, Cisco

  • City Ecosystems in the 21st Century

Jim Spohrer, Director, Almaden Services Research, IBM Almaden Research Center

  • Regional and National Resources for Global Leverage

Torger Reve, Wilh Wilhelmsen Chair in Strategy and Industrial Competiveness, BI Norwegian School of Management, Norway

  • Innovation’s Vital Signs

Egils Milberg, Executive Director, Washington Economic Development Commission

More information about speakers/panels, demo  and registration,  please visit Media X Innovation Ecosystems Summit page.

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